The infamous Zettelkasten mode for SublimeText. It developed quite a following over at, and MacDrifter calls it absolutely incredible and a powerhouse for taking notes, with an extensive GitHub page 🙂.

Check it out on GitHub!

Or agree to these guys on twitter:

@reneschallner Amazing work on the sublime[less]_zk! New gold standard for Zettelkasten functions.

— Magnus (@svartfax) June 16, 2018

@renerocksai I have started using your Sublime_Zk plugin. Just stop by to say thank you.

— Antonio Ruiz (@ajhenes) March 3, 2020

@reneschallner Just wanted to say that I really appreciate the documentation aspect of the plugin for Zettelkasten :)

— Jonathan Sundqvist (@argparse) March 19, 2018

(And thanks for sublime_zk, by the way. ;))

— Anders Thoresson (@thoresson) January 21, 2021