I am a software engineer, programmer, researcher with a strong background in computer science and electronics. My areas of interest are manifold but tend to center around science and technology.

I enjoy digital electronics, e.g. building a RRISC CPU, as well as hacking on deep learning models that detect logos on the go or creating native mobile apps, server software, or even web apps. Sometimes, I just take a game engine and turn it into a multiplayer slide show. Oh, and did I mention blockchains?

I am fascinated by creating pieces of enabling technology. Be it free and open software as a means of democratization or software that enables research otherwise not possible. With a purpose attached, things become meaningful.

You would typically find me with a maximized Linux console window filling my screen, tiled using tmux, hacking on code in neovim and saving the world on the commandline in the other panes. It’s just so productive if you don’t have to reach for the mouse.

That said, I am also a fan of Chromebooks - as they are super secure, super fast, and also give you a Linux shell for the non GUI part of the day. Not to be misleading, Linux GUI apps work on Chromebooks, too, of course.

On my 2015 Pixelbook, I developed a CPU from scratch, a networked presentation software using the Godot engine, Flutter apps for Android (native) and web, etc. It has completely replaced my 2016 MacBook Pro with a broken keyboard and useless touch bar.


My professional background spans over more than two decades in the telecommunications and medical technology industries - current stop: research, artificial intelligence and data science; broadly speaking, in the market research / decisions research area. See what I am up to here.

Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or check out my GitHub.