My Zettelkasten software.

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A note taking app, Markdown editor, and text browser, featuring ID based wiki style links, and #tags, intended for zettelkasten method users. Loaded with tons of features like sophisticated tag search, note transclusion, support for note templates, bibliography support, etc. to make working in your Zettelkasten a joy 😄

In addition to being a specialized Markdown text-editor and text-browser, Sublimeless_ZK is loaded with features for text-production:

  • sophisticated search methods for finding (associated) notes that
    • reference the same #tag combination
    • or cite a certain source
    • or are linking to a certain note
    • contain a certain combination of words
    • are referenced (=linked to) a min/max number of times
    • are un-referenced
  • expanding notes containing links to other notes (overview notes) into notes notes containing the linked notes’ contents
    • can be refreshed if source notes change
    • refresh can be enabled / disabled on a per contained note basis
  • parameterized templates for new notes
  • easy insertion of links, #tags, and citation-keys via fuzzy-search
  • auto-insertion (and removal) of section numbers
  • auto-insertion of tables of contents
  • auto-insertion of bibliographies
  • export to stand-alone semantic text view HTML
  • support for external commands, e.g. to create PDFs

Check it out on GitHub

Or check out these demo screenshots:

Inserting Citations

Automatic Bibliographies

Expanding #tags

Command Palette

Automatic Table of Contents + Numbering

Linking all other notes of citations

Creating PDFs, Word documents

Pulling in other notes